Following are pictures that describe the upgrades to the running gear on Joule Injected. In particular, it shows the upgrade to the Nissan R200V, viscous LSD, 16" wheels, improved brakes and tires.

Here's a picture of the original wheels and tires:
And another with the original setup:
No, that's not dirt! It's molten rubber splatter from everyone else that left their tires on the track at Moroso. This is what happens with an open differential and street tires when they're allowed to spin freely. Not for long . . .
. . .and here's the solution. It's the stock Nissan 300ZX running gear out of my buddy, Lowell Simmons' car. The R200V viscous limited slip differential, 16" five-lug wheels and wide drag radials should help give Joule Injected some traction!
Many more pictures are on the way. Keep checking back!