Following are pictures of the development of the motor mount for the two 9" diameter motors, installation of the motors, motor controller and contactors.

Aligning the motors for construction of the motor mount:
Welded uprights attached to motor end plates:
Preparing to install the motors:
Loading the motors in the car:
Almost installed! Motor assembly is lined up in position to check fit. Next step is to weld mounting flanges on the sides to attach to the existing transmission attachment points.
Close-up view of Z2K and control electronics. The interface to the Zilla is on the left side of the platform. Next to it is the Series/Parallel contactor which provides an "electric transmission". Next is another pair of contactors which are used for Forward/Reverse switching. All the way on the right is the main contactor, which is used to provide power to the controller only when the car is turned on.
Many more pictures are on the way. Keep checking back!