Following are some pictures that I've compiled over the course of the conversion of a 1990 Nissan 240SX into one of the quickest cars that runs purely on electric power. It has 25 batteries, two massive DC motors, a fast charger and a motor controller that delivers high voltage and crazy amounts of current. Check out the links above to see the pictorial story of the creation of a "Joule Injected" electric car.

You can see Joule Injected and more electric cars (and some fun gas cars, too) at - Drag Racing Timeslip Database. Be sure to check out my timeslip.
Burnout at premiere of Who Killed the Electric Car

After seeing the EV1 light up the tires in a few shots in the movie, it was only right to show a little support and perform a Joule Injected burnout!

Click on the image on the right. (2 MB)
Joule Injected doing a burnout
Here's one shot of the car at the beach:
And another shot from the front:
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